Soles of Hope Community Library

Remodeling has been completed on a building in Kpandai which is now a community library. This building was donated by the Chief as a thank you for bringing so much love and hope to the community with our first visit in 2018.

Everyone’s story is unique and we can’t possibly share them all, but here are few highlights from this mission that really stood out.

Pretty in Pink

The simplest gestures can go a long way as one little girl can attest to. She had scoured the assortment of shoes and to her dismay, was not able to find anything in her size. But then, a beautiful pink pair of shoes caught her eyes. She grabbed them and held them so tight that no one was going to take them from her. She did not care that shoes she found were too big. All she cared about was that they were hers. Her mom, seeing the joy in her little girl’s eyes said, “Let her keep them…she will eventually grow into them”.

A New Hope 

It is believed that the village of Kpandai has the 3rd highest teenage pregnancy rate in all of Ghana. As one of the poorest regions of the country, it offers little to nothing to do because they have nothing. This leaves children to their imaginations and hormones.

Opukua interviewed a 23 year woman, pregnant with her 3rd child, to get her thoughts about the new community library. “We believe the library is already providing the recreation we lack. There is a long queue every morning, sometimes as early as 6am. Everyone is so eager to get in and often times they won’t leave. Even when there’s no electricity.”

New Beginnings

The local Chief was so impressed with the technology and educational improvements that the library is bringing to the community, he is making it an official requirement to have ICT knowledge in order to be considered for a chieftaincy position. He believes that people held in that regard need to be educated and computer literate in order to properly serve the community.




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